Resume formatting for temp recruiters, by temp recruiters.
Your candidates have multiple versions of their resume. You manage several formats, depending on the client and project.

We can help.
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Format Resumes in three simple steps

Mark up the Resume Contents

Click and drag your mouse over resume text to tell our application which information is the candidate's name, professional experience, education, and more.

Review and Download

After you mark up the resume, preview your changes and share with your client!

Our application will apply any of your pre-made formats in seconds. Templates include fonts, typography, page layout, your branding, legal disclaimer, and more!

Upload Resumes

Drag and drop or browse to select the resumes you want to format.

Bulk upload as many as ten resumes at once when working with several documents!

Who can benefit

You're a recruiter helping candidates, an administrative professional supporting recruitment teams, or an HR professional sharing resumes with external business partners and you spend too much time formatting resumes. We can help.

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If you spend too much time formatting resumes, we would love to hear from you! We especially want to hear from anyone creating several versions of the same resume to share with different clients. For example, temp desk recruiters.
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